Friday, December 10, 2010

There's Not Much to do Around Here (Part One)

 So the other day my boyfriend Oscar and I decided to go to the mall. We weren't entirely sure what to do and where to go, so we circled it a few times. After walking around aimlessly for a while, we finally decided to stop by this one video game store, even though neither of us had any money to buy anything. We ended up just finding old games we used to play, and reading out the titles dramatically. 
So after thirty minutes of that, and Oscar talking about geeky stuff that I don't know about, we decided it was time to walk around the mall some more. So at the mall we have the best pretzel shop. EVER. PERIOD. And my god, you can't eat one without immediately gaining a whole bunch of weight. 
So we, sadly, avoided the pretzel store and got some different food instead. We ran over to Chick-Fill-A, which if you think about it, could be a very provocative fast food restaurant if you switch the words around. I got my food, took a sip of lemonade, and spilled it all over myself. We proceeded to walk around the whole food court several times looking for a spot, finally cleaning up after somebody who had previously been at the table and sitting down. About halfway through eating... 
I suddenly realized that I knew her.

Me: Oh hey Hailey, what's up?
Hailey: Just here with friends, so are you two going out or...?
Me: Haha, um yeah...

I always get really flustered and nervous whenever people talk to me about my relationship status, cause for the longest time I never actually had a boyfriend, so now when people bring it up I'm all like "Yeah -giggle- he's TOTALLY my boyfriend." And Then people don't believe and are like, "Dude that's BS." So then I'm like "No no really! Go and ask him!" And they never do and so then I'm just that chick who's really weird and has schizophrenia or something because of her imaginary boyfriend. 
This conversation continued for a little while, I kept trying to sneak in a french fry or something but I was constantly talking to her. Meanwhile Oscar was just sitting off to the side happily eating his chicken strips. When she left I was like "Dude you didn't say ANYTHING!" And he just sat there, eating his chicken. Suddenly I was struck with the desire to go mess around with more games.

Me: Hey! Hey lets go to Best Buy!
Oscar: What? Best Buy?
Me: Yeah c'mon let's go! Let's go to Best Buy

So we went to Best Buy. 
Best Buy is probably less than a mile from the mall, we got lost anyways. 

We eventually found the entrance to Best Buy. As we were turning into the parking lot, we suddenly heard a loud screech and a car horn right behind us. Oscar started freaking out.

Me: Oscar, if we had hit him, we would have felt something.
Me: I just said...

But he didn't so it's okay. As we slowly drove to find a parking spot, there was a very loud noise outside the window.
Throughout the whole length of the rant, I just sat there, staring at my cup of lemonade, trying not to smile, cause I would have surely been punched in the face by this guy. I mean, I don't know that for sure, but it was good motivation to not do anything. I'm not sure when he left, cause I was staring at this cup and all, but we eventually started driving again and found a place to park. Once inside, I ran over to the video game section, and they had this Dance Dance Revolution thingy set up, only it wasn't Dance Dance Revolution, it was something for the Wii, so I started messing with that. After about ten minutes, I got bored with it, and turned around to find Oscar, but, he wasn't there. So I panicked. I started running around everywhere and accidentally bumping into people. I finally decided it would be a good idea to just call him, so I pulled out my phone and called him. 

Me: Oscar where are you!?
Oscar: I'm in near the laptops talking to this gu-
Me: Okay cool bye

So I ran over there and tried to get his attention, but this guy from Best Buy wouldn't stop talking to him...


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